Achieving successful mergers, acquisitions, join ventures and disposals is a complex task, especially when, at the same time, it is usually crucial to maintain a focus on customers, realise financial returns and meet new and often changing strategic goals.

GEFConsult has a proven track record in guiding organisations through such activity and has extensive experience in:-

  • the due diligence process
  • TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Regulations) and COSOP (Cabinet Office Statement of Practice on staff transfers in the Public Sector)
  • integration processes
  • change management
  • specialist internal communications

If you would like to discuss Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Disposals in more detail and how we may be able to help with your business, please contact us on

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Vion Food Group

VION Food Group is a global food group, headquartered in Holland with a turnover of circa €9billion and employing some 27,000 employees worldwide. Within the UK, VION is represented by VION Food Group Limited, employing circa 14,000 employees generating revenues of €2.3 billion.

A key focus in 2009 was the integration of the existing VION UK operations with those of Grampian Country Food Group and J&J Tranfield, whose acquisitions in 2008 added value to the business and enabled VION to strengthen its strategic position in the UK. This was a complex task in a complex business covering 50 operating sites and full integrated supply chains…..

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