GEFConsult delivers flexible solutions to your Human Resources needs by providing an Interim HR Management service at a strategic level or an operational and tactical level.

These needs could be:

Human resources crisis

Particular change management project

Restructuring or downsizing requirement

Temporary HR skills gap

Interim HR Management from GEFConsult delivers a hands-on, pragmatic solution for situations which require specific expertise, direction and implementation.

GEFConsult can provide an experienced high-calibre senior HR professional who can make an immediate impact and personally undertake your project and achieve your objectives.

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Kodak Alaris

The name Kodak is synonymous with photographic film and for many decades it held a dominant market position. But the advent of digital technology revolutionised the sector and Kodak needed to go in a significantly different direction to survive.

The upheaval to achieve this was seismic and involved a period of Chapter 11 bankruptcy from which it has now emerged as a leaner more focused business. As Interim HR Director, Gary Fisher worked with the CEO and EMT to take the company through the changes and put the company into a strong position for the future.

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